Forester 30 oz (4 Cups) Reusable Silicone Bag - 2 Medium Size

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  • VERSATILE: Try replacing your plastic zip bags with this medium size Forester Silicone Bag. The versatility and range of uses is impressive. You can take a snack for your hike, store you personal items outdoor when camping, take it to the beach, store your toiletry when traveling, and replace the singe-use plastic zip bags in your kitchen!

  • LEAK PROOF: Once you zip the bag, no more leaking in, or out! Whether you're storing your soup in the freezer, or protecting your phone and wallet when kayaking, this will be the go to solution. 

  • SAVES MONEY: Utilizing this Forester reusable bag will save money spent on one-time-use plastic bags.

  • FREEZE, DEFROST, REHEAT: Forester Reusable Silicone Bags are not only great for your freezer, but they also make meal prepping less time-consuming! They store fruits and veggies, prepare smoothies, and reheat frozen food by simply putting the bag in boiling water or the microwave.

  • CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE: Their upright design allows convenient storage in your fridge or freezer. When not in use, you can easily wash them by hand (water and soap only) or in the dishwasher. Store by folding with an air-tight seal.

  • FOR HEALTHIER & ECO-FRIENDLY HOMES AND OUTDOORS: Our goal is to help our customers reuse storage bags, reduce plastic use in daily life, and recycle for a clean future on this beautiful planet.

  • TRY ONE, YOU'LL COME BACK FOR MORE: Each one of these Medium size forester bags is 30oz (4 cups).

  • DIMENSIONS: 9" x 7.5" 
  • CAPACITY:      30 oz (4 Cups)