Why Forester?

While plastic pollution and trash are destroying our oceans, deforestation is eliminating trees at an unbelievable rate of around 15 BILLION per year. By using Forester bags, you join our plastic free movement,  eliminating single-use plastic, and contribute to saving our oceans.   


For every purchase from Forester, a donation will be made and a tree will be planted on your behalf, thanks to a partnership with the
National Forest Foundation.


Forester Bags mission to save the planet starts by allowing you to take your storage of food and other items to the next level of sustainability. Our reusable silicone storage bags are made of a food grade silicone material. They’re eco-friendly, plastic-free, and affordable!

An average family uses about 500 plastic zip bags a year. Stop wasting money and get your Forester reusable silicone bags instead. You will have all the best elements of planet-saving products and will no longer reach for the single-use zip bags when you could be using your Forester bag instead.