Shipping and Delivery:
  • How long will it take for my bags to be delivered?

    Answer: All US orders should be delivered within 3-5 business days. If there are any problems with your order, please contact us. Our team is available and more than happy to help immediately. 

Uses and Tips:

  • Are these bags Freezer Safe?

    Answer: Definitely, Forester bags are the best in the market for freezer use. Unlike other freezer bags, our product is conveniently designed to stand upright, airtight seals, and can keep food fresh and prevent freezer burn longer. 
    Tip: After freezing, give bags a few minutes to thaw before opening. You can also put the top slide bar in a little bit of hot water to thaw faster. 

  • Are Forester bags Reusable?

    Answer: Yes, Forester Bags can be reused an unlimited number of times!

  • Can I reheat these bags in oven?

    Answer: Yes, These bags are versatile and can withstand heating in the oven. However, the seal bar should be removed before inserting the silicone bags in the oven. 

  • Can I use Forster Bags for Sous Vide?

    Answer: Yes, Many of our customers love Forester Bags because of the cooking uses! These bags can be used in Sous Vide, slow cooker, boiling water, oven, and microwave. 

  • How can I clean my Forester Bags?

    Answer: These bags can be easily cleaned hand washing with soap, or in the dishwasher.

    Tip: Flip the bags inside-out then clean.
Material and Manufacturing:
  •  What are the materials used in Forester Bags?

    Answer: Forester Bags are made of 100% premium food grade silicone. The sealing bar is made of plastic.

  • Are Forester Silicone Bags BPA free?

    Answer: Yes. There are no toxic components in Forester Bags. There are no BPA, BPS, lead, latex, or phthalates.

  • Where are Forester Bags made?

    Answer: We are an American company based in Dallas, Texas. We manufacture our bags in China. 

Shopping and Availability: 
  • Is your website secured? 

    Answer: Yes. Our website is securely designed to the highest online shop standards. Your payment information can be inserted securely. 

  • Are Forester Bags available in stores?

    Answer: Yes. We are available in stores in Houston. If you're a Houstonian, or visiting H-Town and interested, please contact us for more information!

  • Can you custom design for private events? 

    Answer: Yes, please contact us to learn more at info@foresterbags.com