About Us

We are a group of young professionals based in Houston, Texas. While there is still room for improvement  in our beloved city regarding the stand for environmental issues, we wanted to start something to contribute. 

Some of our team members live in an area with no recycling waste option, and have to drive their own recycled waste miles to be able to find a location.

So, since there's no better time than now to begin, we decided to bring a product that contributes to reducing waste, as well as being reusable. We created Forester Bags, a small home product, but very versatile, easy to use, affordable, and eco friendly. 

We've used Forester Bags in our homes for a while now and we haven't bought any plastic "ZIP" bags since then!

Also, we partnered with the National Forest Foundation to donate and plant a tree for each purchase. 

Do you want to leave less trash in your daily life? Do you want to reduce single-use plastic? Do you want to take a leap towards a sustainable world? And, do you want to store your food in healthier, plastic free, reusable product? We are glad you are here and

Welcome to the Forester family!