Reusable Silicone Bags vs. Single-Use Plastic Bags

  You’re probably familiar with one-time use plastic zip bags. Yet, one-time use plastic bags are swarming our landfills and 200,000 plastic bags are dumped in a landfill every hour. This means that, if our society is to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, one-time use plastic bags are out, and reusable silicone bags are in. Keep reading for more on reusable silicone bags and their benefits compared to their unsustainable counterpart.

What are reusable silicone bags?

   Reusable silicone bags are a solution to the single-use plastic crisis that the environment is currently experiencing. They’re a responsible food storage product that are 100 percent safe and non-toxic. Reusable silicone bags can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher so that they can be used again and again. They are the perfect on-the-go container for anything that you would need a traditional one-time plastic bag for, so you don’t have. to give up what you love about these products, you just get to help the environment when you use it!

What are the benefits reusing silicone bags?

   Reusable silicone bags come with numerous benefits. As stated in their name, they’re entirely reusable and you’re able to wash them in your dishwasher or by hand using soap and water. They can also be stored conveniently due to their design. When they have food in them, you can stand them upright so that nothing spills. When they are clean and empty, you can fold or hang them to maximize space. These bags do not contain any poisonous chemicals, and thus you can feel content that you’re utilizing products that are healthy while also sustainable. The bags are entirely family-safe while being non-toxic, non-allergenic, and tasteless. You can also feel assured that your bags can be used in a wide range of temperatures. Do you need bags for the microwave, refrigerator, freezer or slow cooker? You’ve met your match!

What do the reusable silicon bags hold?

  The bags hold a variety of food and liquid. You can store anything that you’d typically store in a single-use plastic bag. Anything from pretzels to crackers to soups to juices to smoothies are locked into these reusable silicone bags. You can also use them for other, non-food products. For example, if you’re traveling on an airplane and need a reliable, reusable bag to hold your toiletries, a reusable silicone bag won’t allow anything to leak. Unlike single-use bags, these bags were specifically created for use again and again, which means that they’ll withstand the test of time.

Final thoughts

  If you’re hesitant about reusable silicone bags, think about them as you did the first time you got a reusable water bottle. It may have been a bit strange at first, but now you love that you have a reliable product that you use all the time rather than ones that you’re constantly throwing out. These bags were created for your repeated use and they won’t disappoint!