How Switching to Reusable and Sustainable Products Can Save You Money

  Reusable products are often marketed as “environmentally sustainable.” They’re a way that everyone can act responsibly and help battle climate change. Yet, did you know that reusable products can also save you money? Every year Americans use nearly 100 billion single use plastic bags. American energy use is doubling every two decades. If you want to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle and start saving big bucks, here’s how you can do it.

Single-use plastics

  Say good-bye to single-use plastic bags and any sort of single use plastics! That’s right. It’s not just a buzz word anymore. More and more plastic bags are ending up in landfills every year. Switch to reusable grocery bags and invest in reusable silicone baggies for your leftovers or your kid’s school lunch. While they may require a little bit more of an initial investment, they’ll last longer and save you money over time. You can reduce our collective impact and make a true change when you join this new trend. Check out our article: 10 Ingenious Ways to Use Silicone Storage Bags from Forester


  Is an expensive utility bill bumming you out every month? You can invest in reusable and sustainable products that will save you money in the long run. You’re probably already familiar with some of them—like LED light bulbs! The good news about this product is that they’re now actually cheaper than traditional light bulbs, they last longer, and they save energy. You can also invest in surge protectors that allow you to plug all your devices into a master outlet but doesn’t waste electricity. Finally, if you’re at a place where you’re considering major changes to your home, an incredible place to start is a new programmable thermostat. Switching out your thermostat can help you monitor changes in your home’s temperature whether you’re at home or traveling and help you maximize your energy efficiency as well as your cost-savings.


  The changes you make for water can be both big and small. First, if you’re still purchasing single-use water bottles from the grocery store then this is the first place that you’ll need to reevaluate your actions. Get yourself a cool, reusable water bottle and you’ll be well on your way to a more sustainable lifestyle. Next, institute more sustainable water practices in your home by thinking about water filtration. Many individuals prefer filtered water over tap water. If you’re currently bringing in bottled water for this reason, consider purchasing a water filtration pitcher or a system that attaches to the tap on your sink. The cost of bottled water can be $1,000 more a year than tap water and these simple steps can help you save both money and plastic!

Final thoughts

  While sustainability might feel out of reach, utilizing reusable products and integrating them into your everyday life is one of the best ways that you can join the fight for a better environment. Remember, it’s as simple as avoiding single-use plastics when possible, going for that plastic water bottle, and buying LED over traditional light bulbs. Start small and then add onto your sustainable lifestyle wherever possible!